Thank you for visiting the Website and reviewing our Online Privacy Statement. This statement addresses collection, use and security of, and
                                                     access to information that may be obtained through use of our Website.

Browsing (Non-personal information)
        If you do nothing during your visit but browse the Website or download information, our                       operating system will automatically record the following information: The Internet                                      domain and Internet address of the computer you are using;
                                                     The type of browser and operating system used to access our Website;
                                                     The date and time you access our Website;
                                                     The pages you visit; and
                                                     If you linked to our Website from another Website, the address to that Website.

                                                     This tracking system does NOT record information about individuals. We use this                                                                information to monitor traffic on our site and to help us improve the site.

                                                     Cookies: A cookie is a piece of text that a Web server can store on a user's hard disk.                                                        Cookies allow a Website to store information on a user's machine and retrieve it later.                                                        The Website does NOT use cookies.

If you send us email, the message will usually contain your return address. If you include persanal information in your email, we may use that information in responding to your request. Email is not necessarily secure or confidential. Send only the information that is necessary for us to answer your question or process your request.

Links to Other Sites
Our Website provides links to many other Websites. The privacy policies described here do NOT apply to any external sites. Read the privacy policies of other sites you visit. Be informed. You are the person best qualified to protect your own privacy.

Interactive Forms
We request information when you fill out web forms, and correspond with us. Forms that request information from you will clearly indicate information that is required, such as name and mailing address, and any information that is optional. It will be clear when you are on a part of our site that requires personal information, because we will ask you for it. Information that you submit through such forms is used only for the specific purpose for which it is intended. We do not disclose, give, sell or transfer any personal information about our visitors, unless required for law enforcement or statute.

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